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2018.01.22 Applying for Social Security Benefits: Key Components that Aid Success

Accessing SSI/SSDI disability benefits can be extremely challenging and the national average approval rate for initial SSI/SSDI claims is only around 30%. However, chances of success can be significantly increased if applicants or their representatives understand the type of information that is required. Using lessons learned from Maryland’s SOAR program (which has an average approval rate of 85%), this session aims to debunk the myths surrounding the application process. (No, you don’t need to apply three times before being approved!) It will provide participants with practical tools and techniques specifically related to Social Security Administration’s mental health criteria and provide information on helpful resources.

Caroline Bolas
Director of SOAR Initiative
Maryland Behavioral Health Administration

Rich Schiffauer
Adult Services Program Manager
Montgomery County Health and Human Services

Click here to view the powerpoint slides.