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Join Sarah in preventing suicide

“Traumatic events ended my childhood rather abruptly. I did what I could to survive during that time, even though my world was shattered and I had no control over it. I held in a lot of anger, feelings of abandonment, and fear that was overwhelming at times.

I was hospitalized at least once a year from 2005 to 2015 for various reasons including psychosis, cutting, anorexia, detox from opiates, and suicidal actions. After spending almost all of 2016 in hospitals and institutions, losing my sobriety, and almost losing my life, I became willing to accept my mental health condition and fully embrace treatment, which included electroconvulsive therapy that helped relieve my suicidal tendencies.

Recovery is a lifelong process for me. When times are hard, I remember that true progress takes time. Just as if I had a chronic physical illness, I must manage my diagnosis on a daily basis.

I share my story today hoping that someone who can relate to feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, powerless, and unstable know that they are NOT alone and that there is a lot of help available from resources like NAMI Montgomery County.

I’m extremely grateful for NAMI Montgomery County, as they give me a purpose each time I tell my story. There is a message of hope I share, and if my story can help just one individual, then it’s absolutely worth it for me.”

All of us at NAMI MC are inspired by Sarah’s courage and resilience during her journey to recovery. Sarah’s story proves that getting help and talking about mental illness is critical to help prevent suicides and bring hope to individuals living with mental illness.

Join NAMI MC in preventing suicide and supporting individuals living with mental illness, like Sarah, by donating to NAMI MC this holiday season. Donations to your local NAMI will fund critical programs that educate and support community members affected by mental illness.

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