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About NAMI Montgomery County

The National Alliance on Mental Illness – Montgomery County (NAMI MC) was established in 1978 by five local families, seeking to support each other and to educate others about mental illness.  With little insight easily available, harsh existing approaches to treatment, and few current support services available, the movement of families and caregivers seeking to cope with the mental illness of their loved ones grew across the nation.

A true grassroots movement, this national effort grew and changed names several times over the years to today become the largest grassroots mental health organization in the country. NAMI MC predates the national organization (based in Arlington, VA) and provides a large array of different free classes and support groups for individuals – and family members of those individuals – living with a mental illness. All classes and support groups are offered free of charge and multiple times a week at various locations within Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

The families and members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Montgomery County, MD (NAMI MC) are here to help! We offer understanding to anyone concerned about mental illnesses and the treatment of mental illness.

Mental illnesses are brain disorders that are biologically based medical problems. If untreated, they can cause severe disturbances in thinking, feeling and relating. This results in substantially diminished capacity for dealing with the ordinary demands of life. Mental illness can affect persons of any age and occur in any family. They are not caused by bad parenting and are not evidence of weakness of character.


At NAMI Montgomery County, we envision a future where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares.


To reach this vision, we connect communities of peers to provide support, education, and advocacy for all affected by mental illness.


Public Awareness – NAMI MC will broaden community awareness and inclusion at every level to increase our visibility and impact as the recognized leader of mental health resources.

  • Increase our visibility and impact
  • Maximize the value of our lived experience
  • Maximize our outreach to and engagement with diverse communities
  • NAMI MC will lead advocacy efforts that drive increased access and quality of care

Support and Education – NAMI MC will provide a wide range of resources and programs for individuals, families, and caregivers affected by mental illness.

  • Positively impact lives
  • Meet mental health community needs

Governance – NAMI MC will strengthen the organization’s governance by maintaining an effective, diverse, and engaged board of directors and will meet requirements for affiliation.

  • Commit to board and sub-committee development
  • Establish and maintain compliance with NAMI’s Standards of Excellence
  • Annual governance review

Strengthen the Organization – NAMI MC will grow and develop financing, infrastructure, and capacity that support a dynamic and compassionate grassroots organization.

  • Expand and diversify human resources
  • Strengthen and enhance financial resources
  • Cultivate and expand strategic partnerships