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Companies need to make their employees’ well-being a priority

March 19, 2019

Mental Health America reports that 1 in 20 working-age Americans experience mental illness each year. Also present in the workplace are caregivers of individuals living with mental illness, who are often times feeling overwhelmed and distressed over their loved one’s illness. Because so many Americans are impacted by mental illness, it is essential that employers more »

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NAMI Launches New Documentary, “Beyond Silence”, alongside Executive Producer Demi Lovato and Director Shaul Schwarz

February 23, 2017

“Beyond Silence” features three incredible stories of strong individuals with various mental illnesses who have spoken up about their battles and how ultimately, opening up can be the key to living well. “Beyond Silence” is part of the Be Vocal Campaign that seeks to break down barriers for those who are mentally ill but to also accurately more »

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How schools are using ‘mindful eating’ to help prevent eating disorders

March 23, 2016

At Waddell Language Academy, a K-8 School in North Carolina, Monica Mitchell-Giraudo, a French immersion middle school teacher, instructs 19 sixth-graders to gather into a circle. “Okay, everyone, let’s take a few mindful breaths, and think about our gratitude for Amy, who brought us apples for snack today,” says Mitchell-Giraudo. “As you take these breaths, try more »

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