Find Help, Find Hope!

Companies need to make their employees’ well-being a priority

Mental Health America reports that 1 in 20 working-age Americans experience mental illness each year. Also present in the workplace are caregivers of individuals living with mental illness, who are often times feeling overwhelmed and distressed over their loved one’s illness. Because so many Americans are impacted by mental illness, it is essential that employers make their employees’ mental health a priority. Decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness in the workplace is also crucial. Read more about the importance of supporting employees’ mental health HERE.

NAMI Montgomery County offers the StigmaFree Workplace presentation that promotes mental health awareness and a Resilience Workshop that will help employees identify strengths in their life to turn to when feeling worried, overwhelmed, or frustrated after a difficult customer encounter or stressful client meeting. To schedule a workshop for your business, please contact or call 301-949-5852.