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As Millenials Strive for Perfectionism, Their Mental Health Suffers

By Sara Hourwitz, NAMI MC Development Director

The Psychological Bulletin recently published a study conducted by Thomas Curran and Andrew Hill that found that Millenials (individuals born in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s) strive for perfectionism more than those of past generations. After examining over 40,000 young adults throughout America, Britain and Canada, Curran and Hill found that most of them exhibited sign of “multidimensional perfectionism,” which is perfectionism driven by unrealistically high expectations. The researchers suggest that these expectations and millenial’s desire to attain perfectionism are possible causes for the rise in mental health issues among young adults today. A contributing factor to millennial’s ideals of perfectionism is social media. Click here to read the article written by Curran and Hill themselves discussing their findings.

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