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for Families…


Check our event calendar for upcoming Family Support Group meetings

Family Support Groups meet monthly. Intended to encourage, support and empower family members and caregivers of individuals with mental illness, these groups:

  • are available free to participants.
  • give families an opportunity to join a caring group of people helping one another through their learned wisdom.
  • ensure that families are no longer alone and have a renewed sense of hope.
  • foster group discussion and interaction.
  • are led by trained volunteer facilitators who have a loved one living with mental illness
  • do not recommend or endorse any medications or other medical therapies.

Support groups are open to any adult family member of an individual living with mental illness. We also run a support group for spouses, meeting monthly.


NAMI Family to Family


What is NAMI’s Family-to-Family Program?

The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program is a free, 12-week course for family caregivers of individuals with severe mental illnesses.

  • The course is taught by trained family members
  • All instruction and course materials are free to class participants
  • Over 300,000 family members have graduated from this national program

What does the course include?

  • Current information about schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder (manic depression), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and co-occurring brain disorders and addictive disorders
  • Up-to-date information about medications, side effects, and strategies for medication adherence
  • Current research related to the biology of brain disorders and the evidence-based, most effective treatments to promote recovery
  • Gaining empathy by understanding the subjective, lived experience of a person with mental illness
  • Learning in special workshops for problem solving, listening, and communication techniques
  • Acquiring strategies for handling crises and relapse
  • Focusing on care for the caregiver: coping with worry, stress, and emotional overload
  • Guidance on locating appropriate supports and services within the community
  • Information on advocacy initiatives designed to improve and expand services.

This class, like our other classes, requires PRE-REGISTRATION.

This class is for caregivers of adults with mental illness. If your loved one who is living with mental illness is under the age of 18, please register for NAMI Basics, below, instead.

Our next Family-to-Family Class will be held at Family Services, Inc. in Gaithersburg starting on Monday, October 30th.  If you would like to pre-register please click here

If you would like to be added to our email distribution list for the Family-to-Family class, please sign up here.


NAMI Basics


What is NAMI Basics?

NAMI Basics is the new signature education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses.  The NAMI Basics course is taught by trained teachers who are the parent or other caregivers of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.

The course consists of six classes, each lasting for 2 ½ hours.   Classes are offered weekly for six consecutive weeks.

All instruction materials are FREE to participants.

This class, like our other classes, requires PRE-REGISTRATION.

This class is for caregivers of children with mental illness. If your loved one who is living with mental illness is older than 18, please register for Family-to-Family, above, instead.

If you would like to be added to our email distribution list for the NAMI Basics class, please sign up here.

 for Consumers…

NAM Peer-to-Peer


What is NAMI’s Peer-to-Peer Program?

Peer-to-Peer is a unique, experiential learning program for people with any serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery.

  • The course was written by Kathryn Cohan McNulty, a person with a psychiatric disability who is also a former provider and manager in the mental health field and a longtime mutual support group member and facilitator.
  • An advisory board comprised of NAMI consumer members, in consultation with Joyce Burland, Ph.D., author of the successful NAMI Family-to-Family Education program, helped guide the curriculum’s development.
  • Since 2005, NAMI’s Peer-to-Peer Recovery Program has been supported by AstraZeneca.

What does the course include?

  • Peer-to-Peer consists of ten two-hour units and is taught by a team of two trained “Mentors” and a volunteer support person who are personally experienced at living well with mental illness.
  • Mentors are trained in an intensive three day training session and are supplied with teaching manuals.
  • Participants come away from the course with a binder of hand-out materials, as well as many other tangible resources: an advance directive; a “relapse prevention plan” to help identify tell-tale feelings, thoughts, behavior, or events that may warn of impending relapse and to organize for intervention; mindfulness exercises to help focus and calm thinking; and survival skills for working with providers and the general public.

For general inquiries, please contact:

NAMI MC Office: 301-949-5852

This class, like our other classes, requires PRE-REGISTRATION.


NAMI Connection Recovery Support

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group

Find upcoming Connection Recovery Support Group meetings on our event calendar.

NAMI Connection is a recovery support group program for adults living with mental illness that meets monthly, twice a month, or weekly, depending on location. These groups provide a place that offers respect, understanding, encouragement, and hope. NAMI Connection groups offer a casual and relaxed approach to sharing the challenges and successes of coping with mental illness. Each group:

  • Meets weekly for 90 minutes
  • Is offered free of charge
  • Follows a flexible structure without an educational format
  • Does not recommend or endorse any medications or other medical therapies
  • Is confidential – participants can share as much or as little personal information as they wish.

Support groups are open to all adults with mental illness, regardless of diagnosis.  Participants should feel welcome to drop by and share feelings, difficulties, or successes. We have groups in Olney, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Wheaton. We also have a young adult connection recovery support group, intended specifically for young adults (18-30).

NAMI In Our Own Voice

What is IOOV?

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education program developed by NAMI, in which two trained consumer speakers share compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery.

The program was started with a grant from Eli Lily and Company.

IOOV is an opportunity for those who have struggled with mental illness to gain confidence and to share their individual experiences of recovery and transformation.

Throughout the IOOV presentation, audience members are encouraged to offer feedback and ask questions. Audience participation is an important aspect of IOOV because the more audience members become involved, the closer they come to understanding what it is like to live with a mental illness and stay in recovery.

IOOV presentations are given to consumer groups, students, law enforcement officials, educators, providers, faith community members, politicians, professionals, inmates, and interested civic groups.

All presentations are offered free of charge.


 for Students…

NAMI on Campus

NAMI on Campus provides information and resources to support students living with mental health conditions and to empower them to take action on their campuses. This site also includes materials to help colleges in improving the academic and social experience of their students by addressing the mental health needs of all students.

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