Find Help, Find Hope!


Core Services
Provide for the planning, oversight, monitoring, evaluation and service development of the Public Mental Health System.


Cornerstone Montgomery
Offers residential rehabilitation and residential crisis services for individuals in recovery or experiencing increased symptoms of a mental health disorder.


Family Services, Inc. by Sheppard Pratt
Offers a residential rehabilitation program: a transitional program that provides shared housing for clients requiring intensive support and services.


Help in the Home
Provides housing with medication management & case management or will visit in the client’s home to help adults achieve stability and independence.


Housing Unlimited 
Provides independent housing for adults in mental health recovery in Montgomery County.


Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
Offers a range of residential programs for persons with mental illness and/or other disabilities. It also offers a program with support services in a person’s own home.


Vesta, Inc.
Offers supported housing services in which individuals with mental illness can live in apartments or single-family homes within the constraints of their budget.


Woodly House
A residential facility that provides housing for persons with mental illness.