Find Help, Find Hope!

August 2018

What motivated you to start volunteering at NAMI MC?
I took the NAMI Family to Family Class in 2004 which positively impacted my life and that of my loved ones for years to come. I decided at that time to give back when I could and immediately became a donor to NAMI MC.

How long have you volunteered with NAMI MC?
In 2011, I assembled a team of IBM volunteers who met with NAMI MC to guide the development of a communications plan, including outreach to the Hispanic Community. I’ve volunteered in large and small ways since then. I’m now teaching my 2nd F2F Class and am a member of the NAMI MD BOD.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering with NAMI MC?
The commitment, professionalism and friendliness of the executive team, staff and fellow volunteers is inspiring and uplifting for me.

How has volunteering at NAMI MC impacted your life?
I’ve made some enduring acquaintances and have been introduced to enlightening resources, unknown to me before. I like to believe I somehow make a small difference.

Do you have any advice or insight for those interested in volunteering with NAMI MC?
Just do it. Give NAMI MC a call to have a discussion on how your unique skills can be leveraged to make a difference.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I’m still married to my high school sweetheart and am a native of Washington, DC.

When you’re not volunteering, what do you like to do for fun?
Fun? Not much time, as I’m still in a demanding career.. But, when I can, I love traveling the world, reading non-fiction, watching documentaries, mysteries or comedies, jazz concerts, putting together Liberty puzzles and playing Euro board games. I mostly spend time with both of our families on special occasions, including Game Nights!