Find Help, Find Hope!

September 2018


What motivated you to start volunteering at NAMI MC?
Last year I moved from the Netherlands to the US because of my husband’s job and I was not allowed to work here. Since I am not the type of person to stay home the whole day and I really like to help other people, I decided to use my expertise as a volunteer for a non-profit organization and NAMI MC had a great volunteer opportunity for me!
How long have you volunteered with NAMI MC?
I started volunteering for NAMI MC in January this year.
What’s your favorite part about volunteering with NAMI MC?
For me that is the combination of sharing my knowledge and my passion for data with helping other people. I am not a typical NAMI MC volunteer since I am not involved with the NAMI MC Programs, but with my knowledge I am trying to help NAMI MC grow such that we can help even more people with our programs in the future!
How has volunteering at NAMI MC impacted your life?
Volunteering at NAMI MC really gives me the feeling that I can help other people. Indirectly, helping people with mental health problems via all the NAMI MC Programs, but also directly by helping NAMI MC staff to provide data insights and helping NAMI MC grow. And in addition, I made some new friends here at NAMI MC which is great!
Do you have any advice or insight for those interested in volunteering with NAMI MC?
My story tells you, that also if you do not have some mental health problems yourself or in your family you are more than welcome to volunteer! As long as you are willing to help other people, there is enough to do at NAMI MC.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I already mentioned that I am from the Netherlands. I am from Rotterdam, which actually is a much nicer city than Amsterdam (free advice, if you ever go there!). And I am such a huge soccer fan that I set my alarm every Sunday morning to watch or listen to my favorite soccer club Sparta Rotterdam despite the time difference.
When you’re not volunteering, what do you like to do for fun?
Me and my husband like to explore this beautiful country! We love doing city trips and visiting beautiful National Parks. Besides that I like to run along the National Mall, explore restaurants and bars in DC and going to the movies.